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Thursday, 21 August 2014

Lego Days

My mornings are pretty slow at the moment, we have some cuddles while Leonie gets ready for work.  We get up when she leaves and I take some tablets.  I can't eat for half an hour so we watch cartoons together; Mondays choice was Lego Ninjago.  I make breakfast for the boys and then I have mine followed by more tablets.  We get washed and dressed, by which time its usually past 10. 

Today we decided to make lego models.  We have loads of sets which are now all broken up, so while the boys played and built crazy spaceships and houses I tried to get some pieces together to build a set - this took most of my day, minus a few breaks to feed the kids and get them drinks and I still didn't get all the pieces.  The kids imagination runs wild when you give them free reign with building - I love to see their weird creations.  Later on Oscar wanted to play lego batman, I didn't argue so I could have a go too!

Tuesday we had planned to go out with Jacqueline, my mother in law for lunch and we went to Barton Grange garden centre.  I had a nice fish pie but was still hungry so had some ice cream as well.  I bought Leonie a cactus and the boys were treated to some more lego which were quickly built with excitement when we got back.

We stayed for a takeaway at the in laws, after I had picked up Leonie from work and we got off home quickly so Leonie could revise one last time before her test the next morning.  She didn't feel too confident about the hazard part but her practice tests at home had been good, I had faith in her to pass.

The last couple of days I had felt good and mentioned to Leonie that I was considering running again soon.  My teeth were still hurting a little but I hadn't had any other problems; I have my eating under contol, just plenty of rest.  So I thought if I could try to fit in a 5k run sometime soon, I should be able to do it and get back into it slowly.  I do miss running.

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