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Saturday, 2 August 2014

Running In Reigate

My day started at 2.30am, I got up listening to the rain and had my breakfast and a cup of tea before getting a taxi to the bus station.  As a first time user of Megabus, I expected just a couple of seats taken so early in the morning, but the bus was rammed, so much so that the only seat left was occupied by the feet of a sleeping passenger which I had to wake up.

I got comfortable for the 6 hour bus journey and tried to settle for some sleep.  I snoozed a couple of times but didn't sleep; I did watch the sun rise though which was pretty fantastic. 

Going into London,  I kept an eye out for any landmarks and saw a good few of them, I noticed that we also did a extensive tour of the monopoly board.  We arrived about 10 minutes late but I still had plenty of time to catch a train to Reigate via Redhill.  After arriving in Reigate it was brilliant sunshine so I decided to walk to the meeting point; it said it was only a few minutes away.  I started a brisk walk and shortly after I began I got a sharp pain in my abdomen,  similar to a stitch.   I powered through the pain with a few grunts and as I started up a hill wished I had booked a taxi.  It was hot and I was sweating and walking up a never ending steep hill.  The pain eased as I reached the summit and I turned into the car park meeting point, the walk had taken 40 minutes; so much for being a couple of minutes away!

I was early so sat in the sun on the grass and looked out over the south east and a very good view.  I had some lunch and my medication before seeing the Mens Running Team.  I introduced myself and was given my prize goodies; two jackets, a t-shirt, shirts, cap, trainers and bag all from the North Face, I looked snazzy in my new gear.  For the next 3 hours we did hundreds of photos and an interview in the heat of the day.  I chatted to the coach, Anne-Marie Lategan and the other competition winners, swapping running stories and anecdotes.

I was given a lift back to the station to start my journey home.  My bus was leaving at 5pm.  I was back in London in plenty of time so got something to eat at the station.  The journey home had a few more stops so was to take a little longer for the return leg.  Unfortunately there was also an accident on the motorway so we were delayed by a further hour. 

I got home just before midnight and found it to be raining again.  I got a taxi home and after telling Leonie all about my adventure and showed her my goodies I went to bed for a well earned rest.

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