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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Chemo Comedown

The days following chemo kind of passed me by in a blur.  I am pretty much writing them off.  I felt terrible, wasn't sleeping and was exhausted.   Leonie’s parents helped out with the kids on Thursday and Friday and our friend Lousie came over on Friday and stayed most of Saturday to help out as I was pretty much good for nothing.

I was probably in a worse state than I realised at the time as I don't really remember much of the 3 days and as I said it was a bit of blur.  I really didn't think it would be so bad, even though I had been warned, after the previous three chemo sessions I thought it would be manageable.  

I had a constant headache, felt hot then cold, had the awful metallic taste, and felt generally unwell and sorry for myself.  I was lucky to have the support that I had, I don't think I was a fit parent for those couple of days.

We were going to visit our friends Ema and Dan in Wales on Sunday and I was going to drive.  I needed sleep to be able to do it safely so after napping throughout the last couple of days decided to have an early Saturday night so we could make the journey.

Only two more full dose chemo sessions to go and then its over; there is light at the end of the tunnel.  Then I can get back to what I love, being a proper dad and spending quality time with my family instead of sleeping or dozing all the time and missing opportunities to do something that will benefit all of us.  I really want to go running too, but at the moment this is a little bit beyond my current capabilities so it will have to wait!

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