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Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Recovery From Reigate

Much of the following days after visiting Reigate were spent resting.   The trip down south had really exhausted me.  However, on the Saturday we went to witness our friends Amy and Tom get married.  It was just down the road and we took the boys to the ceremony.  It was a really pleasant service and had some quirks too, when signing the register the choir sung "When I'm 64" by the Beatles.

My mum babysat in the evening so Leonie and I could go to the evening reception of the wedding.  They had a brass band and we really enjoyed the evening and danced along to the band, even joining in with the conga!

I continued to rest over the next couple of days and we had a little trip to Beacon Fell.  When we reached the summit the views were amazing, it was such a clear day.  It's not a big hill (enough for me at the moment) but its easily accessible and easy enough for the boys to conquer the mountain.  Both the boys have a real sense of adventure and they both asked to climb bigger hills; it made me think about how much I miss camping and walking, something which we do quite a bit but have obviously put on hold for this year.  On the way back we went to get some more fish for our new tank, we now have a mixture of Zebra and Leopard Danio's.

Tuesday was spent in anticipation as I was due to begin the second rounds of Chemo with my fourth session.  I felt a bit anxious as last time I had Chemo (around 10 weeks ago) the treatment targeted the tumour and now I have no tumour.  The doctors had warned me that this time may be more difficult due to this fact.  However, I managed to cope with the Chemo fairly easily last time round, if it is more difficult this time then I am sure I can cope with it.

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