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Friday, 31 October 2014

Stand Up To Cancer

This week I feel that my life is back on track and more normal. I am back at work almost full time and it is going well. Over the weekend we had some friends over to stay, Gemma and Sam and their two kids Jessica and Jack. On Sunday we went to the Christening of Elliott, the first child to some friends Michelle and Nicholas. It was a really good weekend overall but I needed to have a long nap on both Saturday and Sunday. The only noticeable difference is my energy levels and numbness in my fingers and toes, both of which are to be expected. I also have a lingering cold which I can’t shift, probably due to a weakened immune system – none of this I can really complain about considering what some people go through. After watching “Stand Up To Cancer” on Friday on TV, it really hit home how much Cancer really affects people, I really do consider myself one of the lucky ones. In reality, although we have struggled at some points over the last year, I always knew that I could beat this and had that in the back of my mind throughout the whole treatment. Others don’t have that luxury and I don’t think I would be able to cope if my diagnosis was terminal. My thoughts were with the people that I have met at Rosemere during treatment who have been diagnosed as terminal; what they have to go through and the treatment, knowing that it is an extension (in some cases) to a date they have been given. It must really blow their world apart and it must be difficult to deal with. These feelings were compounded when I learnt about Lynda Bellingham who had hoped to see Christmas but sadly succumbed to her cancer battle at the weekend. It shows that cancer really does affect everyone in some way and no matter how far you may feel distanced from it, the chances are that one day you will be affected in some way or another. “Stand Up To Cancer” also provided a hopeful message though, that the chances of survival from most cancers is now better than it has been previously and that there is so much research into the causes and treatment that people in the future will have a better and longer life through their treatment and hopefully have the chance to have a life after cancer like myself. I am one of the lucky ones but hopefully with the trial that I am currently going through, this will help people in the future, I feel that probably due to my age, health and fitness, I was probably the right person to go through this, so that I could help people, and that hopefully what the doctors learn from my cancer and the effects of the drugs I have been given they will understand that others that follow will also overcome cancer. The only way to beat cancer long term is the research that goes into it, and unfortunately this costs lots of money and takes time. Rosemere Cancer Foundation do a great job at raising funds for this research to continue and they do so much in and around Lancashire and South Cumbria, not only to raise funds, but also to raise awareness. I know many people who dedicate a lot of time and effort to help in this area. Although I am a Coeliac and cannot eat most cakes and treats (something which I miss immensely) I was asked to be a judge of the “Rosemere Cake Off”, which is a charity event to raise funds for Rosemere. I was delighted to be asked and jumped at the chance to be a visual judge (although I am secretly hoping for some Gluten Free entries as well). The “Cake Off” takes place on November 8th at Kingsfold Community Centre (details can be found on the Rosemere website) and is looking for entries in different categories, so this is an invitation to anyone who considers themselves to be able to make a good looking and tasty cake to come along and enter the competition. I will report back in a few weeks with the verdicts and winners. This week has been a good week and hope that these weeks continue, my only wish is to feel more energetic but as my doctors have said – this will take time and as a positive person, I think of this as something to look forward to rather than being upset that I can’t yet go for a run.

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