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Friday, 3 October 2014

Pendle Walk and Back To Work

At the weekend we were due to complete the Cross Bay Walk in aid of Rosemere Cancer Foundation; this was an 8 mile walk across Morcambe Bay. Unfortunately we had word on Friday that it was too dangerous to go out on the sands from the Queens Guide, Cedric Robinson. The walk had been cancelled. I was really excited about completing the challenge as were my wife Leonie, my parents and my father in law. The walk has been rearranged for the 4th October and I really hope that we can complete it then. Thanks to all the people that have sponsored us so far, and if you would like to sponsor us for the event you can do so via the following web page; Saturday was a bit of a wash out but we took the boys out for a while and strolled around Preston Docks. I used to use the docks as a training run and run laps around the basin which is 2.5k. It is a good place to run and I like the docks, especially at night with the lights shimmering off the water and the views over to Preston City Centre. I went out into town on Saturday evening for a few drinks with work colleagues, this was my first night out since my operation and I was a little nervous about going out, but after a drink or two I relaxed and began to enjoy myself. I wasn’t out for long and caught the bus home, although I didn’t drink much I didn’t get drunk and I am still not sure if I will be able to get drunk again as some doctors say I will get drunk quicker (this has not happened) and some say I will be unable to get drunk, the jury is still out on this one. As the weather improved on Sunday we took the opportunity to go out for the day and we aimed for Pendle. We had looked up the area and found a Witches Sculpture Trail starting in the small village of Barley. We parked up and found a picnic park where we had our packed lunch before heading out on the trail. The views across to Pendle Hill were stunning and were made even better with the sun shining on us. The trail was perfect for the boys and we had to try and find bats, owls and broomsticks. It was a really good trail and kept the boys entertained without tiring them out, it was a perfect family day and we all really enjoyed it, finishing off the day with an ice cream from the little shop back in Barley. I was due back at work on Monday; it has been agreed between HR, my oncologist, my manager and myself that I would complete a phased return over 6 weeks. I was due to work 3 hours and after taking some time to get logged in and say hello to everyone, it was time to leave and get back home. It was tiring but good to see everyone. I went back home and had a nap in the afternoon after having something to eat. I am due to do 3 days a week and gradually build it up over the 6 week period until I am back full time. They have been great at work to help me get back into work, really understanding and they really couldn’t do enough for me, for which I am grateful. As I was back at home on Tuesday, my parents decided to come over for the morning and help out with the garden. It was another nice day and it was good to be outdoors again. This was pretty tiring again so I took plenty of breaks but we got a lot done and the garden is looking much better. The boys are well into school now and they both love it. Sidney is still only doing half days at the moment but as of next week will be full time. Oscar has also joined 9th Penwortham Beaver Colony. His first night was Tuesday and before going he was really excited, but as we walked up to the Scout hut he began shaking with nerves. We made sure he was OK and the leaders, Liz and Margaret were really good with him. We popped in for a chat with my sister while he had his first night at Beavers, before going back to pick him up. He really enjoyed himself and can’t wait to go back. I went to 9th Penwortham Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Ventures before finally becoming a Leader at the Scout Troop. I finished because of us having children; I really enjoyed the Scout movement and it taught me a lot so I am very happy that Oscar likes it too and hope that Sidney will enjoy going as well. I was back at work for half a day on Wednesday and again found it tiring, but I think having the phased return will help me get into the swing of things again and help build up my strength too. It will be good to see how I am able to increase my strength over the next few months and how it will affect my diet; now I am doing more and more each day, I am finding myself eating more and being more hungry, managing my food intake while I increase activities will have to be one of main focus points over this next period of recovery as I have lost weight since my operation, not much, but I don’t want to lose anymore.

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