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Friday, 3 October 2014

Birthday Weekend and Visit to Vine House

After the last couple of weeks of feeling a little low and having to cope with the side effects of Chemotherapy, this week I have seen and felt an improvement. Perhaps it was the fact that I was looking forward to my birthday on Saturday and I was able to spend time with my family and friends and relax, or perhaps I was just recovering from the side effects I had been experiencing but either way I was feeling much better, both mentally and physically. At the weekend we had some visits from my parents and my sister to wish me happy birthday; it was good just to sit and spend time with them. In the late afternoon, our friends from Wales (Ema and Dan) arrived as did some other close friends. We had planned to have a few drinks and have a mini party, we will celebrate again next month when my treatment has finished. It was a good night and it was the first time I had gotten drunk since our wedding anniversary in early June. The drunkenness came on really quickly and I could feel the change, however, I sobered up just as quick and even woke without a hangover at 8.30am on Sunday and spent the majority of the morning on my own as everyone slept in to recover from the night before. Everyone had enjoyed themselves and I felt great, it was a really good night. I was tired on Sunday so we didn’t do much. On Monday I was back at work and this week I am increasing my hours, so I am now working 12 hours over three days. Granted I am tired after being at work but this extra hour a day makes all the difference and I can seem to get more done. Since being back at work I am slowly getting back into the swing of things and re-learning some of the work as having three months off I have forgotten some stuff – but people have been great and really supportive. I had been invited to a Cancer Care group at Vine House in Preston on the Tuesday, so after running a few errands in the morning I went there for the afternoon. I haven’t been there before and I was impressed by the services that they offer and the support that they are able to give. There was a presentation to begin with, then I could book to speak to the individuals who were “pedalling their wears”. I spoke to as many that I thought would benefit me, this included NHS Fit Squad; Preston City Council Active Team; NHS Psychology Team; NHS Nutrition and Dieticians and Complementary Treatments including massages. Everybody was really pleasant and had worked within medicine or had been affected by cancer, so they were understanding and empathetic, which goes a long way, I really enjoyed the afternoon and it was an eye opener as to what support is available, Vine House offer a good service to those affected by cancer, not only the individual themselves but also their support network, family and friends. I will definitely be going back to take advantage of what they offer. In the evening we went to 9th Penwortham Beavers to watch Oscar get invested into the group, he was so excited and I was proud of him as he had learned the Beaver promise and was almost shouting it out with pride when he was invested, it was a special moment and reminded me of my time with 9th Penwortham, from Beavers all the way through to being a leader at the Scout Troop, I hope he enjoys his time there as much as I did. Apart from the fatigue, which I am still affected by, I feel much better this week, and I feel upbeat about the next couple of weeks. From the information I received at Vine House, it put my mind at ease. This weekend I will be walking the Rosemere Cross Bay Walk which has been re-scheduled from September, hopefully it will go ahead, I am looking challenge. You are still able to sponsor our efforts at

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