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Friday, 31 October 2014

Boiler Breakdown

We started off on Friday in a cold house with no hot water or heating which was a struggle with two young kids. Luckily, John Denby, was due on Friday to fit the new boiler and get us warm again. I had to work so I let them in and let them do their thing while I went to work. I arrived back in the early afternoon and found that they had almost fitted the new boiler and although they had to come back on Monday to finish off the job they left us over the weekend with heating and hot water. It was good as you could really tell the difference almost immediately. They had flushed out the system as well so all the system worked really efficiently, fully warm radiators was bliss. On Friday evening I had arranged a meal out with work and a few drinks afterwards to celebrate the end of my Chemotherapy treatment. I really enjoyed the night out and ate well and drank probably a little too much, we went dancing and carried on drinking after the meal, and I finally I got home around 4am, after a thoroughly good night out. Saturday was spent with the boys and recovering from the night before. It was good to spend time as a family and we also managed to get a few jobs done around the house. On Saturday it was Leonie’s turn to have a night out, so she went to stay at a friends in Poulton-Le-Fylde and have a girly night. This meant I could catch up on the sport on TV. On Sunday I got the boys up and we walked to St Leonard’s church, Penwortham for the harvest festival and Church Parade, Oscar was excited fort his first parade and was dressed in his uniform. After lunch we had a TV day and I watched the Formula and England match, it was good to relax after a busy week. The weeks are suddenly filling up with things to do and now I am back at work almost full time, I am finding my life pretty full again, although it is tiring getting back into the swing of things. Sometimes I forget what I have been through as I carry on as I was before and life continues. Being pragmatic about the whole illness has helped, but sometimes you need to stand back and think about what has happened, and I still find it a little shocking. John Denby came back on Monday to finish off and tidy up the boiler. I worked from home and got a lot of work done in my home made office, using the kids Lego table as a desk! Tuesday I was back in work and my workload is increasing and keeping me busy, I am now doing 5 days at 5 hours a day, so I am now almost working full time, less than four months after major surgery and having my stomach removed – it has been quite a challenge but at the moment I am really enjoying this period. Most of the symptoms have faded or gone completely and I feel optimistic about the future. I still haven’t found the motivation to get back into running and cycling and this has been my biggest issue over the last few weeks, however on Wednesday I was booked into see a psychologist at the hospital to help with my motivation and worries that I have at the moment. Dr Ridley is specialised in dealing the problems that cancer patients experience so hopefully with her guidance I can start on the path to getting fit again. I feel physically capable to do it but I have some fears that I would like to overcome first, and hopefully Dr Ridley will be able to help me conquer them over the next few sessions. I will then be able to focus on some ideas planned for next year in terms of sporting activities.

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