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Friday, 3 October 2014

Catch Up

I know I haven't blogged for a while so to get you all up to date I will post the articles I have written weekly for the Lancashire Evening Post over the last couple of weeks. The past month has been quite busy, a few family weekends and a tough round of Chemotherapy as well as my birthday, but I am now nearly at the end of the Chemo treatment and I feel much more positive. Its odd to think that less than 9 months ago I was diagnosed with Stomach Cancer, and less than four months ago I had the tumour removed by surgery and now I am back at work (albeit on a phased return). The Chemo has taken its toll on my body since surgery and I feel fatiuged almost all the time. It has been so much harder to deal with and this in turn has brought about some low moods and a big blow to my motivation. I have also found it frustrating to not be able to do simple daily tasks and I feel a great urge to go out running, but at the same time I know running is a bad idea just now, but I do miss pounding the pavements and clocking up miles. Anyway, I will post the last couple of weeks and hope you enjoy catching up!!

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