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Sunday, 11 May 2014

Tiring Week

I was due to go back to work on Tuesday, but Oscar was being looked after by my mum so I dropped him off around half 9, on my way to dropping off Sidney at Nursery before going into work for 10am. At work it’s getting difficult as we are under staffed at the moment and just waiting for the new starters to join the team, which means it will be a difficult couple of weeks until they arrive. Both the guys, Mike and Matt, have been absolute stars recently with taking on all the work without complaints and also covering me as well, they have been awesome. As soon as I got home from work I managed a couple of rows of bricks on the new BBQ before getting the boys ready for bed. In the evening we watched a bit of Breaking Bad (my new favourite TV show) before having an early night after the busy weekend.

It’s getting harder to get up in the mornings, and I feel tired for most of the day. I have been going into work late and Karyn has been really supportive through the whole process. This time around I have been so tired, the Chemo must be doing its job and my body is fighting back I suppose. And all this extra work my body is doing is now starting to take its toll.  On top of this I have felt more sick throughout the 21 days of Chemo, I haven't been sick but it's just an uneasy stomach, I have taken a lot more anti sickness tablets this time around. 

Wednesday I went back to work as normal (albeit late again due to having a lie in – I just can’t seem to get enough sleep). Laura came over for a brew after work and to say hi, Zoe couldn’t make it this week as she was preparing for her birthday gigs at the Ferret, we were planning to go to Friday’s gig, Richard Lomax, Jackpot Golden Boys and The Rook and The Raven’s. We had a chat with Laura and again just simply climbed into bed to sleep after another arduous day – it wouldn’t be so hard, in fact it would just be another normal day, but at the moment it’s arduous. Sometimes I sleep really well, but tonight was a night that I didn’t sleep too well, I think it was after 2am that I finally fell to sleep.

This week I have been messaging Emma Grandison quite a bit, and it’s good to speak to someone in a similar position. As she puts it, "as much as partners are amazing support, there’s always going to be that 5% they won’t get”. This isn’t a bad thing, but it’s good to talk to someone who can have a better understanding of what’s going on. This works both ways as well, as there are times I know of where I don’t understand Leonie. Unfortunately as Emma and I keep telling each other to slow down, we both lead pretty busy lives and we haven’t had chance to meet up for a good chat and a brew outside of the hospital.

Thursday and Friday were busy at work as one of the two in the team was on holiday, meaning that left a lot of work to do. I had a few interviews to do as well, putting more pressure on Matt, so we called on an old team member to help out, but it’s now getting a little critical. Matt was again fantastic, and Rob’s help was appreciated. Thursday, Karyn sent me home early as I was looking knackered and almost falling asleep, the evening was again an early night, but again a little restless.

On Friday night we went out for Zoe’s birthday and saw a few familiar faces at the Ferret. I really like Richard Lomax, he is a singer songwriter (been in bands previously, but I think he is just as awesome solo). His music is kind of whimsical folk but with very observational lyrics, he is pretty funny with his lyrics and can hold an audience easily. Second up was Jackpot Golden Boys who are on the verge of jetting off for an American Tour supporting Nice Peter. And last on were The Rook and the Ravens, as I was getting tired (again) we only stayed for a couple of songs from the headliners before getting back to bed. While we were at the Ferret though we chatted with a few people and it had been a while since we had seen some so it was good to catch up with the likes of Billy and Lauren – I even agreed to start a band with Lauren, we would be called “Dixi and the Clap”, we would share vocals, I would clap and Lauren would play the triangle, I don’t think it’s been done before so we could be onto something here … watch this space for us topping the charts soon!!

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