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Tuesday, 6 May 2014


The past week has just been pretty straight forward but the biggest problem I have had is managing my tiredness.  I certainly don't have the same amount of energy levels that I used to have.  On Monday I tried to have my morning coffee to wake me up, but it wasn't agreeing with me so I didn't finish it, that was to be my last caffine for a couple of days.  The metallic taste had reached a new level, but I had now found a drink that would help, mango juice.  I can now drink cartons of mango quite easily and would buy them on my lunch to get rid of the taste I had.

Over the weekend I had gotten a bit "bunged up" but on Monday and Tuesday this wasn't the case, in fact it was quite the opposite.  I keep taking my temperature and it sits right in the middle of the where it should be, so nothing wrong there.  In the evenings I have been going to bed quite early, between 9-9.30 and I have been sleeping right through, but the mornings have been slow, its been hard to get going straight away.

On Tuesday I went to work as normal but had a meeting off site in the afternoon, so went out.  Lunch was to be provided, but being a coeliac thought it best if I ate my own before going, as it turned out there was food I could eat, so I had two lunches.  This was a bit of a turn around from the loss of appetite I had had the previous couple of days.  The meeting went well and gave me idea of the next couple of months ahead for the team.  On Tuesday evening our friends Zoe and Laura came over for their weekly visit and Zoe brought her sponsorship money she had raised at her work, over £100, and the money is still coming in for the Walk in the Dark.  I went to bed early again and Leonie recieved a call from Karyn, my next door neighbour at work had come down with suspected scarlett fever.

On Wednesday morning I called oncology and asked for some advice, they told me to rest and "keep away" if possible,  I called in to work and took the day off, mainly so I could sleep, as I think the walk had caught up with me.  Most of the day I led on the sofa and as Leonie was off she waited on me, making sure I was ok and providing plenty of sweet tea, which I had now found was my new favourite hot drink.  Again I went to bed early, but not after starting a new box set, Breaking Bad.

Thursday I returned to work as normal, but the tiredness remained, although I felt fit enough to go to work.  Luckily, the side affects I have experienced throughout Chemo had been minimal (touch wood), a little bit of feeling sick, occasional tinnitus but mainly its the exhaustion, which I'm not really used to, I usually have an abundance of energy, Leonie would probably say to much energy (I bet she is glad that I'm not running about the place for a change!)

Friday was another day at work and today we were having a chippy lunch at work,  I could only have the chips as the battered fish isn't coeliac, but I still enjoyed it, I love chip shop chips.  During the day I had a text from Leonie to tell me that Oscar had Chicken Pox, after a few calls to my GP, I was prescribed more medication.  When we arrived home, I have never seen such excitement for being ill, Oz was happy to have Pox, and he was fine in himself.  In the evening we had a relaxing evening and watched some more Breaking Bad, it had been a tiring week.

During the week, the donations kept coming in for the team completing the Walk in the Dark.  The response has been overwhelming, and it still makes me proud of not just everyones effort to complete the walk, but also everyone's generosity too.  For my Lancashire Evening Post article this week, I included some photos of the team, and everyone was happy to see how funny we looked covered in glow sticks.  It was an awesome event and we will all be doing it again next year I'm sure.

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