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Sunday, 11 May 2014

Bank Holiday Fun

As usual Saturday was a Daddy Day as Leonie was working. We always have fun and I really appreciate my time with the two boys, as Oscar always says, we are the three best mates. After getting the boys dressed and painting Oscar with Calamine lotion for his Chicken Pox, we watched Spiderman as the boys love their superheroes (I really don’t know where they get it from!) In the afternoon I got some things together for the boys as they were due to stay at Granny and Granddads while me and Leonie went out. Generally it was a lazy day as I am permanently tired. We went to pick up Leonie from work then drove over to Fulwood to Leonie’s parents. When we arrived I was lucky enough to watch Everton v Man City (it was a good match but unfortunately Everton lost, basically handing the title to Man City and making it almost impossible for Liverpool to win the league). After having some tea and getting the boys ready for bed, Leonie and I drove over to Poulton for the night. It was Louise’s birthday night out. As it turned out I was the only man to go, so I had seven women, although they said I was the token gay guy!!

We had a few drinks and laughs before going out into Poulton for more drinks. We went to two places and jumped between the two all night, Vibe and the Cube. It was a good night out; I told Louise that I had left the cancer “at home” for the evening. It was so relaxed and good to be normal. It was my first full night out this year and since finding out about my cancer. We danced and drank; I was even dancing on the tables at one point. As the evening continued I could feel myself getting more tired and about 2am I had to call it a night. Leonie and I walked the 10 minutes back to Louise’s house where we were all staying, and we were privileged to have her bed, while everybody else (including Louise) were on air beds in the living room. I went straight to sleep and didn’t here them bring the party back, but in the morning they said that they were up drinking until very late. Louise made a breakfast sandwich for everyone and I had the gluten free version, toast, bacon mushrooms and egg, it was needed!

Having a night out with friends and having a few drinks was a real release, we don’t go out that often, but this has been sidelined since finding out, and to be honest I don’t have the energy to go out drinking and dancing every week, so to get out and enjoys ourselves was in someway exciting, and Leonie enjoyed going out to! I think a night out was needed for both of us, and we took full advantage of getting out too.

We made our way back to Leonie’s parents to pick up the boys and then made our way back home. In the afternoon due to further tiredness we all sat on the sofa under a blanket and watched the next Spiderman, it was a good day to relax with cuddles from the boys. I enjoy going out with Leonie for a night out, but I miss my two best mates and it’s always good to get back home.  During the afternoon, my sister, Sheila, and her family popped over .  She had baked a gluten free chocolate cake and brought some over for me.  While she was here I told her about my symptoms and one of them is a runny nose, it turns out that I could also have rhinitis!

In the evening we had planned to have another night out, this time we had arranged to go to the cinema to watch Captain America: Winter Soldier with Laura and Lee. I say the boys like superheroes but I do too. We all enjoyed the film; I thought it was better than the first Cap offering (although I did like the Red Skull in the first one). Having a more sedate evening than the previous night was needed, I wouldn’t be able to do that too often, but it was bank holiday.

Monday brought some good weather so I took the opportunity to continue with building the BBQ, and we spent the day in the garden. As Laura was working, Lee came over and we had lunch together and then he played with the boys, Sidney calls him a “big lad”, but he is well over six foot so I imagine to Sid that Lee is a giant. I didn’t get much done as I am a bit of a slow brick layer, but small steps and all that. Having a couple of family days together is pretty rare so we spent time playing with the boys more than anything, and they were running around all day. Overall the weekend was fun packed and quite exhausting, but we all enjoyed spending the time together. But now it’s back to work and nursery and Oscar has the week off school due to his Chicken Pox, although he has pox, you wouldn’t know he was ill and he isn’t fazed by it, but then again kids are pretty resilient creatures.

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