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Monday, 8 December 2014

Oscar Turns 6!

It has been another busy week; I seem to have so much going on the moment but I like to be kept busy. At the weekend I took the boys to the first heat of the Rosemere Cake Off at Kingsfold Community Centre. The boys loved the tombola and the other little games that they could play, it helped having my father in law to look after them while we judged the cakes. There were some excellent entries; very professional. Unfortunately, being a Coeliac I was unable to taste most of them, but there were Gluten Free entries too. I met some nice people as well; the prospective South Ribble MP, Seema Kennedy. She was very pleasant and we had a good chat. I also met a lady who had herself beaten oesophageal cancer some years ago and had experienced some similar symptoms as me. It was good to chat with her and she provided some very useful information too. After a coffee morning the winners of the cake off were announced and they will be heading to the Grand Final which will be held in February at Deepdale Football Ground. Overall it was an excellent event and it raised much needed funds for Rosemere. On Sunday it was Oscar’s 6th Birthday. We let him open his presents before going to the cinema to watch the book of life which I was surprised at how good it was for a kid’s film. In the afternoon we had the family over to celebrate and Oscar was spoilt with so many presents; lots of Lego which I spent the afternoon building. He really enjoyed his birthday and we all enjoyed it with him. It seems like only a short time ago that Oscar was born and I remember the day so well, I was so proud to become a father for the first time and filled with so much happiness to have a little boy. Over the six years, Oscar has grown up to be a well-mannered and intelligent little boys and he is so playful but at the same time likes to be serious about what he does and he is a little bit of a perfectionist which is good as he tries until he gets it right in everything he attempts. I was up early on Monday morning as I had my gym induction at 8am as part of the “Activity For Life” scheme which is run by the NHS Fit Squad. The instructor listened to what my goals were and developed a training circuit to meet my needs but try and push me so that my fitness would improve. Then she took me through the circuit and as a person who hasn’t been to the gym a lot (I’m more just a pavement pounder runner) found it a real workout but lots of fun. I left the gym and went straight to work but going to the gym in the morning really set me up for the day, although my legs were feeling slightly tired climbing the stairs at work in the afternoon. Work is really busy at the moment and there are a lot of changes happening and sometimes it’s hard to keep up, in the evenings I do feel tired but I know that I am getting back to full fitness and it will take some time, this won’t stop me though, I aim to be stronger and fitter than before my operation to prove that cancer shouldn’t stop you and can be a springboard to a better you. With this new motivation I am determined to get to the gym as much as possible and I went back on Wednesday morning before work again. As the weather worsens over the winter and the dark nights are here to stay for a few months, I feel as though going to the gym will be a good bed rock to start running again properly in the spring time when the weather improves. The work out on Wednesday was tough but the people in Penwortham Leisure centre are really friendly and are easy to chat to while working out to keep your mind off the struggle! This weekend will be another busy one as we have family coming to stay and Oscar’s birthday party where we have invited his whole class from school. The next week I have a few appointments and more of the Avastin treatment, it’s easy to forget that I am still receiving chemo, but the battle continues.

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