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Monday, 8 December 2014

Gym and Treatment

On Friday at work we had organised a Bake Off to raise money for Children in Need, we also had a dress up day with the theme being “Superheroes”. I wore a Spiderman costume and also was lucky enough that some people made Gluten Free cakes, so I was able to enjoy a Victoria Sponge cake in the shape of Pudsey. The Bake Off competition was a success and from selling the cakes we raised lots of money for Pudsey and Children in Need. The weekend was another busy time for the family. As it was Oscar’s birthday last week we had planned a joint party with his best friend, Ben and himself on Saturday. This meant we invited his whole class from school as well as cousins and other friends. In total we had 35 children. The party was in the church hall at St Leonard’s, and we had a bouncy castle, games, music and face painting. All the kids loved it and we had a great time. The two boys, Oscar and Ben, were very lucky and received lots of presents which took most of Sunday to open and play with. It was an excellent family weekend with lots of fun and laughter, a good memory for years to come, I’m sure. Sunday morning I was back in the gym and took my time completing my circuit training but pushed myself so I had a proper workout, I am really enjoying going to the gym. It is tiring and hard work but I like training and keeping fit. I am now recognising a few faces and a nod of the head and a quick hello takes your mind off the fact that you are pushing hard. Although my muscles ache from the weight training I can already feel the benefits of the gym circuits and soon will be able to push harder. On the back of this my appetite has increased and I have started to put weight back on, almost near my original weight from back in January at the time of my diagnosis. This is a real boost as I can see changes in my body and having the muscles come back from having a bit of a lean time over the last year. I tend to hit the gym early in the morning so it gives me a boost for the day, it’s a good way to start the day and in the past I tended to workout (run, cycle or row) late at night once we had put the children to bed, but now I am more inclined to work out in the morning so I am at the gym before 7am and I don’t know why I didn’t do this previously as I get my evenings to spend with my family, instead of being out pounding the pavements. I will continue with the morning training sessions as this is working really well. At work I have been doing half days this week as I have appointments in the afternoon. On Monday I went to Vine House on Cromwell Road which is a cancer support charity. Leonie came along too and it was a good session where they introduced themselves and the services that they offer. We discussed how the children were coping, as well as how we have handled the past year. It was good to talk to them and we learnt a lot but were able to get a lot out and it was an open discussion which we both appreciated. On Tuesday I went to see my Oncologist and Nurse, Dr Mitchell and Claire. It is always good to see them, and especially so as we didn’t catch up before my last treatment. In a way I will miss these sessions, we have built a good relationship and get along well; they put their patients at ease and are really helpful with treating any side effects. It’s a very open and honest which it has to be so we talk about everything that is going on. They are pleased with how I am coping and surprised at how well I have recovered from surgery and how I manage the chemo and the after effects. I popped into the Rosemere office too while I was there and had a catch up with the charity team, who are all so friendly and approachable. While I was with Dr Mitchell and Claire there was a point where I was a little shocked when Dr Mitchell said that there are on three more sessions of chemo after this week. It seems as though the whole year has gone so quickly. In some ways it doesn’t seem like that long ago that I was in a room with the surgeon and Leonie, being told I had cancer. It is a very vivid memory, one that will never leave me and sometimes I find it hard to comprehend what has actually happened throughout this year, I also don’t want to forget it as it is a big event in my life, not defining my life but something that changed me massively, in terms of physically and mentally. Sometimes I stop and think for a minute, and it is pretty strange to think I have overcome cancer and now have no stomach. I was back at the hospital on Wednesday and went to see the nurses in the Upper GI unit as it had been a while since I last saw them. I am due to see the officially with Mr Ball, the surgeon, at the end of December, but it was great to see them and catch up. I then went to have my treatment in Rosemere. All the nurses are genuinely happy to see you when you go in. It isn’t something to fear as they make it so welcoming, again something else I will miss once the treatment finishes. Over the past year my life has changed quite a bit but I have made some new friends and had so many memories – although it has been a difficult year, it’s one that I won’t forget.

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