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Monday, 8 December 2014

December Update

It has been a while since I typed a blog but in all honesty now I am back at work full time, it is hard to sit down for a while and have a think about what is going on. I still write for the Lancashire Evening Post on a weekly basis and this makes up the weekly updates for the blog. Generally I am feeling great, I still get the odd pain now and again or if I forget my tablets the next 12-24 hours can be a little unpleasant but I can't really complain about it and am now leading a full and active life. The boys are keeping me active too, always running around for them or with them! I am really looking forward to christmas and already the big day is creeping up on us quickly. As with any usual christmas period, the social calendar gets a little hectic too and has been filled up for some time, and we don't make it easy for ourselves as we keep adding to the calendar. After all that has happened this year I will be glad to see 2015, but at the same time, I won't forget this year to easily. I am not wishing time away but I really want to get to the 12 months since diagnosis, not for any reason other than to say its all over and done with and I can look at 2015 with a new outlook and perspective. I want to achieve a few things in my life and I have thought about this over the last year, and next year I will start to complete my bucket list. I really want to visit some places and see the world but at the same time I have some more ambitions closer to home. If there is one positive out of this, it has given me a renewed motivation. I really do have a second chance now and I want to make the most of it.

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