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Monday, 8 December 2014

Hot Tub Time

As we are getting ready for Christmas at home, I am becoming busier with bits and pieces and with the seasons socialising too. I was off work last week and didn’t really get many of my planned jobs done as I was busy with appointments and the kids. I did manage to fit in a couple of gym trips though! I went to Cop Lane Christmas Fair with the boys on Thursday after school and we were treated to a few songs from the cast of Frozen, we saw Anna, Elsa and Olaf and all the kids enjoyed the evening. The next morning we were back at school for the morning assembly as Oscar had earned a merit at school for good work, it makes me feel proud that both my boys are doing well at school and times like this are special and reinforce my thoughts that they are good, smart kids. I had an appointment on Friday with my psychologist and we talk a lot about thoughts and feeling, it’s good to get things out in the open and speak with someone who is in a neutral capacity and doesn’t judge, I have support at home but sometimes it’s good to speak with someone outside of my support network. At the end of the week we received a message to tell us that our friends Laura and Lee (who were on holiday in New York) had just got engaged. They make a really good couple and it was good news to find out. The week of rest and relaxation that I had planned didn’t really work out that way but that was about to change for the weekend. Ema and Dan were visiting again and although Leonie was working they were to arrive on Saturday afternoon. In the morning we went to the St Leonards Church Christmas Fair and enjoyed the atmosphere, the boys got to see Father Christmas and both received a present, on the way home we popped into the chip shop for some lunch, then a quick tidy up for our guests to arrive. Having Ema and Dan visit us a fair few times this year has really helped and they have been great friends, I am lucky to have them around and it’s a shame that they live in Wales, but on the other hand it makes it special when they visit and something to look forward to. Ema loves the Christmas period, so our annual tradition is to go to Barton Grange and see the Christmas displays, Ema always buys some more decorations then we go for lunch at Guys and have a very festive weekend. On Sunday afternoon after Barton Grange and Guys, we dropped Oscar and Sidney off at my sisters for a sleep over, Ema and Dan were treating us to a night away in a cabin in Cheshire. We arrived at the lodge and it was a very picturesque setting with the log cabin nestled in amongst a forest of fir trees. Each lodge had its own private decking area and a hot tub. We had some food and relaxed in the hot tub and enjoyed a few drinks, when we got out we played scrabble, I had never played scrabble before and I won! We were in the hot tub on and off until after midnight and we never noticed how cold it was. Although we had to get back to pick the boys up from school on Monday, we still managed a quick dip on Monday morning before packing up and leaving. It was relaxing and fun night away – we could have stayed a lot longer, and now I want a hot tub of my own to enjoy anytime I want to. Tuesday I was back at work and although I like my job, it really doesn’t compare to lazy days spent in a hot tub and I missed my weekend away! Work is busy and we are beginning to get ready for year end. There are plenty more social occasions to enjoy though and the Christmas night out to look forward to. Next week I have my chemotherapy treatment again and although I am still recovering from surgery I feel fighting fit and ready for the festive period. I still haven’t fully accepted the fact of what I have gone through this year, yet I am glad that it is almost over. It has now been 10 months since I was diagnosed with cancer and now the treatment is coming to an end and I am clear of the tumour, the NHS have been fantastic and acted quickly to ensure everything was checked and completed properly, I couldn’t fault them on anything that I have been through this year and owe them a lot of thanks for what they have done in saving my life. I feel as though I owe a lot of people for their help, care and support; I want them all to know that what they have done is appreciated and that I will continue with my enthusiasm and thirst for life just as I did before I found out I had cancer, if I was asked what I have learnt from this experience I can easily answer with the following: I am not indestructible; you have to live life and enjoy it; never be too proud to ask for help; you can overcome anything with focus and a strong mind; and that we all need someone in our lives, family and friends alike, to share the good moments and to support you in the bad times.

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