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Monday, 8 September 2014

On The Up

I started to feel better on Monday but still had the metallic taste for everything that I ate, although I had started to get my appetite back.  It was also the last full day I would spend with the kids before their summer holiday finished.   They were due back at school on Wednesday but I had an appointment with my surgeon on Tuesday.

My mum went with me to the appointment while my sister looked after Oscar and Sidney.  We arrived at the hospital at 11.30 and were told there was at least an hours delay so we went for lunch in the hospital cafe, Charters.   I had chips and beans and some milk as I wasn't sure if any of the meals were gluten free.  After lunch we went back to the clinic and waited a bit longer.   While we waited my weight was taken, 52kg, so I had lost 3kg from my original weight.

When we went in to see Mr Ball and the specialist nurse Jeanette, they were very pleased with my progress and the healing of the wound.   We discussed some of my symptoms and many of them were related to the chemo treatment rather than the fact I have no stomach.  They advised that I should stop taking some of the medication to help with digestion.   They also mentioned that some of the symptoms would ease over time and that it would be about a year before it all settles down fully.  I told them about the lack of feeeling under the scar and Mr Ball said that it should return over time but there is a possibility that it may never return.

We went back to my sisters and had a drink while the kids played before getting home for tea.  It was a good day and I felt a whole load better in myself too.  By the end of Tuesday even the metallic taste had disappeared too, I felt more positive from speaking with the surgeon.

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