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Thursday, 11 September 2014

Back to School

Oscar was starting in year 1 this year and Sidney was going to school for the first time and going into reception class.  It was a bit manic in the morning getting them ready and although Sid was only going for the afternoon session he was excited to get his uniform on too.

We all walked to school and Oscar was getting excited to be back at school, but when we got there he started to cry as he didn't know where to go but once he was ushered in he was fine and happy to see his friends.

The three of us walked home and had a relaxing morning and lunch before Leonie and Sid went back to school with Sid.  Unlike Oscar he couldn't wait to get into school and Leonie didn't even get a wave from him.  I had a phone interview with Occupational Health about a phased return to work.  It was a bit confusing as the women didn't want to listen to me and told me I couldn't return to work until February next year.  To clear things up we went to work to talk to Karyn, my boss, and organise things between us and we argeed a phased return beginning on Monday 8th September.

We made it back to school to pick up our boys after their first day and they both really enjoyed going to school.

It seems so strange having two boys at school now, 6 years ago we hadn't planned the kids, they just happened.  But I wouldn't change it for the world,  I love my family and although the kids can be hard work sometimes they are great kids and this is what keeps me going through the more difficult times.

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