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Monday, 1 September 2014

Chemo Round 5 - Almost Done

It seems strange but I am becoming more apprehensive about having chemo.  I think this is because I know it will take a lot out of me and the illness that I feel after the treatment.   After a early night we were up and ready when my mum came over to look after the boys while Leonie and I went to hospital.

We arrived and as usual were shown up to the chemo ward.  The nurse, Mandy, told me that she would need another blood sample as my count from the previous day was a little low,  1.3 compared to the preferred 1.5.  After taking a sample and hooking me up for hydration while we waited the results,  my trails nurse, Claire and Damon, senior chemo nurse took the decision to go ahead with the chemo anyway and the treatment started.

It is such a long day and it is hard to keep upbeat for such a long period, especially when there are people in the ward who are obviously suffering from the side affects of chemo.  This time we kept ourselves a little more reserved and I read a magazine and we played played cards quietly too.

In some ways the treatment is wearing me down a little and I am finding it harder to look for the positives when I feel "under the weather", but the nurses do an amazing job and keep reminding me that I only have one more session to go and then I can put all this behind me and get on.  They have been great, everyone who I have met in the NHS have been so supportive and couldn't do enough for me, and for that I am thankful.

After an arduous day of chemo and a few naps throughout the day it was time to get home and see the boys.   On the way I had to pick up some more prescriptions and then it was time to relax at home and prepare for the inevitable symptoms to come on.

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